Over 1,500 Pennsylvania Deeds from
circa 1670 to 1880

Deeds Signed by Colonial Mayors of Philadelphia

      • Colonial Mayors



Deed for Land Now Part of Independence National Park

      • Independence National Park



19th Century Deed for Property in the Manayunk Section of Philadelphia

      • Manayunk



      • John Dunlap (Printer of Declaration of Independence)



Supreme Executive of Pennsylvania to Raise Money for the Revolutionary Army

      • Supreme Executive   (Note: Money goes to support Revolutionary Army)



Deed Signed by Joshua Lippincott, the Publisher

      • Joshua Lippincott (Publisher)



Deed for Center Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      • Center Square

1773 Deed for 125 Acre Farm in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

      • Dated 1773 – one of 6 consecutive ownerships for 125 acre farm, now part of Valley Forge National Park

Bucks County Deed Signed by Joseph Galloway, the Traitor

      • Joseph Galloway the Traitor

30 Deeds for Farm That was Part of Brandywine Battlefield

      •  30 Deeds for farm that was part of Brandywine Battlefield

1674 Deed for Newtown, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

      • 1674 Deed for Newtown

1838 Form Printed Deed for Northampton County

      •  1838 form printed Deed for Northampton County