1746 Map of Poland

      • 1746 paper map in Latin outlining the area of Silesia, Poland, where the Gratz family originated
      • 10 documents related to Marian Gratz Etting, including ownership of a Synagogue seat

 1773 Richard Butler Note

      • A 1773 and 1776 dated Note between Richard and William Butler, Indian Traders to Barnard and Michael Gratz.  The manuscript is signed by Bill Simon, Moses Franks, John Potts, the Butlers, Aaron Levy, Michael Gratz.  Moses Franks was assigned the bond in 1786.
      • Deed 1795 John Boyd to Aaron Levy
      • 1872 Philadelphia Deed John Steiner to Daniel Rosenstein 1819 Philadelphia
      • Deed signed by Benjamin Gratz
      • 1817 Deed for 7th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia signed by Abraham and Simon Cohen
      • 1871 Philadelphia Deed signed by Abraham Stein
      • 1870 Philadelphia Deed signed by Joseph and Hannah Einstein and Leonhard and Eliza Rheistrom
      • 1822 Philadelphia Deed signed by Solomon Allen
      • 1802 Philadelphia Deed John Penn by his attorney Edmond Physick Israel Israel
      • 1786 Philadelphia Deed to Israel Israel signed by Plunkett Fleeson
      • 1801 Israel Israel, sheriff Philadelphia Deed