An outline of Jim Reis and his passion for research and history of his documents.

An overview of a great man, Robert Morris,
overlooked in history for his involvement in a poorly conceived land trust.

“Robert Morris and the North American Land Company” describes who was involved and how the land company was organized. One of the first REIT’s.

Robert Morris in debtors prison is the sad commentary and demise, of a truly great American.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence at the Declaration House (also known as the Graff House) in Philadelphia

Medical Degrees for Peter Sonmans Glentworth who died saving lives during the yellow fever epidemic of 1793.

George Washington House or the “Presidents House” was the home of many early American and British notables and served as the first residence of the United States President.

Jim Reis discusses a Real Estate loan signed by many early Jewish notables and the Indian fighters, the Butler brothers.

18th century court petitions outlining pleas for
mercy to the circuit judges.

Presbyterian Church and how it related to the history of the State of Texas.

Early Swedes along the Delaware River, including a survey signed by their favorite son John Morton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Grubb Family, including a letter from 1756 writing about how Indians were killing settlers.

1798 English deed signed by English General John Reid, the Rutherfords of New Jersey, and Aaron Burr.

videoA 1687 dated English deed signed by the “Hanging Judge” Lord Jefferies and Mayor of London, Thomas Bloodworth.

Civil War documents, including Lincoln Ribbon and Stanton letter.

A mid 18th century deed signed by Peter Eisenhower, the Great Great Grandfather of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Loyal to the British at the time of the Revolution meant you lost your property.

Rare signatures of Early American Women.