Kentucky Deeds

These documents represent all of the land that went into the North American Land Company (N.A.L.C.) from Mason County, Kentucky.

K-1Deed for 246,900 acres, 4 tracts of land along the Ohio River, between Richard Graham to Robert Morris, John Nicholson and James Greenleaf for $61,725 in Mason County, Kentucky.   Signed by R. Graham. (K-J)

Notary signed by Thomas Mifflin and Clement Biddle. Mentions Robert Morris and John Nicholson, and land from Richard Graham. “Has great seal of Pennsylvania.” (K-2)

K-3Plan for 246,900 acres in Mason County, Kentucky along the Ohio River. Beautiful sketch of rivers and land in the Northwest Territories. Surveyed by General Thompson. (K-3)

Agreement for 246,900 acres between Richard Graham,  John Nicholson and Robert Morris.  Mentions meets and bounds.  Signed by Graham.   (K-4)

Revolutionary War soldiers from Virginia were granted land in Kentucky.