Letters from Debtor’s Prison

L-1From Robert Morris to John Nicholson. Morris arrived at the Prune Street Prison on February 16,1798. This is one of the first letters written from prison. It mentions George Eddy Notes, William Hunt, son William, Charles Lea, Esq., J. Pollack, Wm. Tilgman, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Forest and Dunlap. It talks about aggregate fund.  (George Eddy filed suit for $2,500 and got Morris thrown into jail. This is a great letter as it mentions his creditor, Eddy.) Signed by Morris and Nicholson.   (L-1)

O-5Deed from Derrick Peterson to Thomas Doyle (this is a significant deed as in the recital it mentions that it was part of Robert Morris’s property at 6th and High Street, which he was forced to sell to George Eddy on 4/10/1795).  See Other Interesting Morris Documents  (O-5)

L-2Letter of Attorney from N.A.L.C. to Mr. John Hoge, a US Congressman from Pennsylvania. The letter was signed by Morris, Thomas Fitzsimons (a signer of the U.S. Constitution), and J. Nicholson. Hoge is given power to sell lands in Pennsylvania, north of the Ohio River. William White Morris signed the document as the dispatcher and it was notarized by Mayor Hilary Baker.   (L-2)

L-3Letter from Morris to his son Thomas. This letter talks about mortality in the city (from the yellow fever epidemic) and mentions his son William, who died two weeks later on October 9, 1798. This mentions his wife, and daughter Maria, and their health. It also mentions the fever in New York and other ports.  (L-3)

L-4Letter from Robert Morris to John Nicholson concerning Messers. Nesbett, Donaldson and Field.  (L-4)

L-5Letter from Robert Morris to Thomas Fitzsimons. Talks about Madera Wine, John Warder in Abington, Mr. Cottinger, and son Robert visiting another son, Charles aboard a ship. Morris mentions perilous time and the fever.    (L-5)

John Nicholson joins Robert Morris in debtor’s prison.

L-6Letter written by Nicholson while a prisoner with Morris, and co-signed by Morris to the Trustees of the Aggregate Fund. Letter talks about completing the building in Washington DC. and are hoping the buildings they own in Washington D.C. are sold here once the Congress moves to D.C. Mentions Capt. Tingey and unfinished houses. Also mentions Francis and Ashley.  (L-6)

John Nicholson died in prison.

Robert Morris was released from prison with the establishment of the bankruptcy laws.