NALC Letters and Documents

Four letters written to James Greenleaf from George French a land speculator from Georgetown.

  1. LD-1November 7, 1794
    Talks about land adjoining city and lots being sold (LD-1)
  2. November 28, 1794
    Greenleaf on his way to Europe (LD-2)
  3. June 15,1795
    Mentions property on the bank of the Potomac above Hagerstown, MD (LD-3)
  4. January 4, 1796
    French coming to Philadelphia to convey property (LD-4)

LD-5A receipt presumable for furniture necessary to staff the office of the N.A.L.C.  (Secretary “Mr. Marshall” was probably James Marshall, brother of John Marshall).   (LD-5)

Protest of $5,000 between Nicholson’s Note to Robert Morris. Note was not signed. (LD-6)

LD-7Letter from Robert Morris to James Greenleaf desiring Greenleaf to come to Philadelphia immediately for a meeting.  Signed twice by Morris. (LD-7)

LD-8A note signed from Robert Morris to John Nicholson for $2,000.00.

NOTE: Same date as the formation of the North American Land Company (N.A.L.C.) Signed by Morris and Nicholson. (LD-8)

LD-9A 4th bill of exchange drawn in London, payable to Robert Morris.  Signed by Morris, John Nicholson, and Revolutionary War General Andrew Porter. (LD-9)

LD-10Letter of Attorney concerning the establishment of the North American Land Company.   Signed by the first board of managers for the N.A.L.C. (Robert Morris, Joseph Ball, Thomas Fitzsimons, John Vaughan and John Nicholson). This relates to the N.A.L.C. and 6 million acres in 6 states and was notarized by John Mifflin as Governor. This is a magnificent document, which helped establish the N.A.L.C. and give James Marshall the authority to be an agent of N.A.L.C. in Europe.

NOTE:  Robert Morris, John Mifflin and Thomas Fitzsimons all signed the US Constitution. Also signed by James Trimble, Deputy Secretary of the N.A.L.C. and Governor of Pennsylvania. (LD-10)

Court Decree, Lycoming County, PA (LD-11)

LD-12Letter to John Marshall, secretary of the N.A.L.C. at 230 Market Street, from Joshua Percival. Percival accepts on behalf of Joseph Karrick to be an agent of the N.A.C.L. in North Carolina. (LD-12)

LD-13Letter signed by Robert Morris to Benjamin Say, a US Congressman from Pennsylvania, outlining the fact that Morris is not, at present, in possession of any money. Morris is offering Say shares in the land company.  (LD-13)

Receipt from the Bank of the United States, which is payable to Thomas Randall for horse hire from Sunsbury to Philad. and back taxes in Catawissa Township. This was charged to the account of Robert Morris and John Nicholson. (LD-14)

LD-15Letter from “The Hills” from Robert Morris to John Nicholson, which mentions Wilson Hunt, Boone and Higbee. Morris mentions, “I am at 9:00 with good coal fire and a Northwester whistling outside.” Nicholson acknowledges 10/10/97. (LD-15)

LD-16Letter from “The Hills” from Robert Morris to John Nicholson. Morris is in a state of alarm as creditors were putting the pressure on him. He is offering Georgia and South Carolina in lieu of Kentucky. “God preserve us John Nicholson.” (LD-16)

Robert Morris goes to debtors prison in Philadelphia.

LD-17Letter to William Morris (son of Robert Morris), Secretary of the North American Land Company (N.A.L.C.), from Greenbrier County by Robert B. James, agent for the N.A.L.C. Letter from James asks for $1,500 from Morris to cover costs associated with old debts. (William Morris died on October 8, 1798). Great letter as James is sued and loses his horse, carriage and wearing apparel. (LD-17)