March 5, 1796

LD-10Letter of Attorney concerning the establishment of the North American Land Company.   Signed by the first board of managers for the N.A.L.C. (Robert Morris, Joseph Ball, Thomas Fitzsimons, John Vaughan and John Nicholson). This relates to the N.A.L.C. and 6 million acres in 6 states and was notarized by John Mifflin as Governor. This is a magnificent document, which helped establish the N.A.L.C. and give James Marshall the authority to be an agent of N.A.L.C. in Europe.

NOTE:  Robert Morris, John Mifflin and Thomas Fitzsimons all signed the US Constitution. Also signed by James Trimble, Deputy Secretary of the N.A.L.C. and Governor of Pennsylvania. (LD-10)